Who do i contact about consolidating my student loans

We match thousands of student loan borrowers with federal programs that are offered by The Department of Education to consolidate and lower their current Federal student loans.We help you take advantage of the latest forgiveness programs put in place by Congress that could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Even then only a very few people are actually able to pay off the debt.

I had a total of 4 loans, and had gone thru another company to consolidate, and get a payment plan. So I found out about this company, and decided to give it another shot.

2 of my loans were in forbearance, and the other 2 were defaulted, the amazing staff here got all of my loans consolidated, and I got a payment based upon my income.

You will have only one lender, one monthly payment, and you are able to choose a payment plan that fits within your budget.

By consolidating you also may become eligible for loan forgiveness.


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