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Reconstructions can have the same effect; incorporating elements into the old-school storytelling can make the genre look new again.

Usually seen as a good thing, although there are genre fans who will feel negatively about it.

Now that it might actually happen, it feels scary and a bit extreme. ” Bacle recounted this to me on the phone 10 months later. “I don’t know if you remember, but I told you once that it would be nice to have an investigative reporter out there.” Word about me got out quick.

Within two weeks of filling out its online application, using my real name and personal information, several CCA prisons contacted me, some multiple times. One was Miss Lawson, who’d been the assistant chief of security.

Both deny it, and CCA did not pursue legal action against them.

Miss Lawson also told me that Assistant Warden Parker texted her a photo of me, asking if she knew who I was.

However, it doesn't always have to be a Deconstruction.

Some shows can radically redefine a genre without taking it apart.

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This often — but far from exclusively — happens with particularly notable Deconstructions; once one story has pointed how a certain genre will play out this can cause a ripple effect across other stories in the genre.

The video shows a SORT member scrolling through the images on James’ camera.

The sheriff never obtained a search warrant for my colleague’s belongings, but someone apparently searched them anyway.

“I got called like four or five times for that one phone from corporate,” Miss Lawson said.

“It was like they were insinuating that you brought the phone in or there was some information in the phone.


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