Configure automatic updating group policy settings

Within Group Policy, there are a number of options in the Computer Configuration | Policies | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Windows Update section.Figure A shows one area of the Windows Update section.However, if bandwidth consumption is your concern, then you might consider working with metered connections.

When I gave my test machine access to the internet, without enabling any update policy , Windows Update always began by downloading new updates after a couple of minutes.I also tried the setting Notify for download and notify for install in Windows 10 1607, and it worked as expected.When new updates are available, the user will receive a systray message.In this configuration, an OU would be created for a category of like servers.These OUs would all undergo their Windows Updates at the same time that is configured in the GPO for that OU.Figure A The biggest limitation with this configuration is that, if there is an update that you do not want deployed automatically, it cannot be explicitly withheld; likewise, if you want something pushed out now, this isn't the best tool.


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