Candice accola dating the fray

For the album, she had co-written in 13 songs out of 14.

The comedy movie has casted Accola as the title character’s loudmouthed and feisty lab partner, which made her popular from the hilarious scene.

Because yellow isn't a good color on me," she tweeted.

The Fray's Joe King married Candice Accola on Saturday. Although Ian Somerhalder couldn't make it to the wedding, he shared a sweet message with the couple in an Instagram taken on the set of a project he's working on. Earlier this year, Candice and her bridesmaids, including Kayla, celebrated the impending union with a bridal shower in Cabo San Lucas.

She had also performed in 3D concert movie ‘Hannah Montana and MIley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert’.

Along with the musical work, she had already began to land a guest role in numerous television shows that include ‘Supernatural’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘Drop Dead Diva’, etc.


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